Monday, 29 September 2008

Datsun 126X

Fabulous period pictures of the Datsun 126X concept car from the early 70's. Shame the Matchbox version never came in this colour but bright yellow is always going to win out over flat blue for a kid's toy!


Mark A said...

I have seen these photos before. I must say that when you see the real car in it's real colour it comes as a great disappointment, when compared to the matchbox model.

Tell me Wayne, would you welcome any guest blogs on here? I was hoping to put an article on of some kind. I am very frustrated by not being able to get onto the MCCH, and I feel taht you really have something here, that is on a different level to the MCCH. I think if someone produced something that had a magazine feel, it would be nicer than the Forum.

The Superfast Kid said...

Yes, I would welcome blogs and any other type of contributions. Knock yourself out! I am trying to sort out a quarterly Matchbox Superfast magazine (in print), but need contributions, contributions, contributions!! I'm a magazine designer but trade and can cope with design and photography but need help with articles and ideas! LMK.